Sozio is thrilled to announce that our Hong Kong factory has received the MUI halal certification. Moreover, the factory obtained the A status which is the highest grade achievable, and which guarantees a perfect respect of the Islamic law regarding the production of Halal certified fragrances. This accreditation is the result of our constant improvement in regards to our production and our ingredients’ traceability to satisfy the requirements of the Indonesian Ulema Council, MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia).

“This announcement of our Halal grade “A” MUI certification is an additional step with Sozio ‘s ongoing commitment to offer fragrances abiding to regional requirements, as the global demand for halal certified fragrances is constantly growing.” Says Frederic Braud, Sozio’s General Manager.

Sozio will now be able to offer its customers fragrances with halal certification. In order to be Halal certified, the fragrance must meet some requisites such as: not containing alcohol or animal ingredients and not being tested on animal.
We are very proud of this accreditation, which is the outcome of our continuous desire to progress and to satisfy the local needs, such as of Indonesia and halal

Summer Seminar edition 2019

Sozio Inc team gets together for Summer Seminar edition 2019.
A great opportunity to learn more about everyone’s job roles between perfumers, evaluators, production, sales, marketing and regulatory through challenged workshops and team building exercises ending at the beach for a prize award celebration to the winning team!


Sozio is very proud to announce that our Sozio Inc subsidiary is now ISO 9001:2015 certified.





Iso is a continuous and living process so to continue to improve our quality policy Everyday, Sozio’s goals are focusing on:

– A high satisfaction of our clients through a customer service approach by providing products
and services that meet and exceed customer requirements
– A strict conformity of all Regulatory requirements
– A high level of commitment and motivation of our employees
– A safe working environment and a continuous process of improvement, using risks-based thinking, evaluation of data,
information and new opportunities