We are happy to announce the opening of our new factory PT Sozio Indonesia in Jakarta.
With this new facility , Sozio reinforces its strategic presence in South East Asia for a state of the art logistics to its customers.


Consumers are more educated and more concerned than ever about the composition of market products. A need for more transparency is expected. Shoppers are looking for safer options for their family and themselves, as well as the environment. The “Clean” era has started; a big global trend towards empowering consumers is underway; brands and retailers are offering more disclosure on the products that they make and sell.  They are banning controversial ingredients that are of concern to consumers, like parabens, sulfates and allergens for instance. Logos, labels and other tools are helping and guiding consumers in store and online to easily identify the right product.

Sozio, a fragrance expert on natural perfumery is always improving its green and sustainable approach. On top of providing natural Cosmos-Ecocert fragrances and organic Cosmos-Ecocert and NOP-USDA fragrances, Sozio is now offering “Clean” fragrances based on a restrictive guideline. Sozio is jumping ahead and has developed its own CLEAN FRAGRANCE label.

“Consumers are looking for safer products. They also want to minimize their impact on the environment. We have defined a blacklisted ingredient list that are forbidden to use under our CLEAN FRAGRANCE label. We are providing fragrances that don’t contain any controversial ingredients as well as sensitizing ingredients, allergens, endocrine disruptors, etc.… We are ensuring that our CLEAN FRAGRANCES are made without specific human or environmental health risks of concern. We have also added some really restrictive requirements requested by some of our customers such as nitromusks or polycyclic musks. Finally, to put the environment as the center of our approach, we guarantee the non-use of any ingredient coming from endangered wild flora.” – Harmonie Soudan, Regulatory Affairs Director at Sozio

Sozio CLEAN FRAGRANCE label is also pet friendly, with no animal testing, Vegan, no animal ingredients (or derived), gluten-free and doesn’t contain nanomaterials. Sozio CLEAN FRAGRANCE would not be complete without a fundamental transparency policy.

“Being transparent is key today in the perfumery landscape, customers want to have access to the formula or build new guidelines that are more and more restrictive to keep control of the use of the raw materials. With our CLEAN FRAGRANCE label, we share with our clients the list of all the raw materials included in our CLEAN FRAGRANCE formulas. We have understood that “Clean” is more than just a guideline, it is a lifestyle, a mindset philosophy and a new way of consumption. We are ready to share more information with our customers and to their consumers to educate them about the perfumery world and to help them make the best choice for their well-being and the environment.” – Frederic Braud, General Manager at Sozio

Sozio is making its mark in the history of “Clean” perfumery by offering a full commitment to CLEAN FRAGRANCE.


Sozio is thrilled to announce that our Hong Kong factory has received the MUI halal certification. Moreover, the factory obtained the A status which is the highest grade achievable, and which guarantees a perfect respect of the Islamic law regarding the production of Halal certified fragrances. This accreditation is the result of our constant improvement in regards to our production and our ingredients’ traceability to satisfy the requirements of the Indonesian Ulema Council, MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia).

“This announcement of our Halal grade “A” MUI certification is an additional step with Sozio ‘s ongoing commitment to offer fragrances abiding to regional requirements, as the global demand for halal certified fragrances is constantly growing.” Says Frederic Braud, Sozio’s General Manager.

Sozio will now be able to offer its customers fragrances with halal certification. In order to be Halal certified, the fragrance must meet some requisites such as: not containing alcohol or animal ingredients and not being tested on animal.
We are very proud of this accreditation, which is the outcome of our continuous desire to progress and to satisfy the local needs, such as of Indonesia and halal