Message to our colleagues, partners, customers and friends,


As the impact of Coronavirus grows globally, we would like to update you about our current policy.

Our main priority has always been of course, the health and well-being of our employees, and again we would like to express our compassion for everyone in this difficult time; we are extremely grateful for our teams, especially those who come on site every day to ensure business continuity.

We took necessary measures to follow the safety practices of the World Health Organization advisories and national health agencies in our different facilities such as social distancing, split shifts in our plants, disposal of protective equipment for employees, a strict visitor restriction and daily disinfection to avoid risks of contamination on site.

We are also encouraging working remotely from home as much as possible for those who can.

The continuation of our business is another value we are holding highly. Our production has been recognized as “essential” as our fragrances are currently used in multiple disinfecting and hygiene products such as cleaners, wipes, gels, soaps … which are vital during this crisis.

We are doing our best to satisfy our customers and partners.

We are working with trade associations (IFRA, Prodarom, ACI, ISSA, …), our suppliers and our customers, as well as third parties partners to maintain business as per usual.

All of our manufacturing sites around the world in France, USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia are operating close to normally.

We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.

We wish you and your families the very best.


Warm Regards,


Frédéric Braud

General Manager