Sozio creates Botanicals, its own division dedicated to natural ingredients.


Founded in 1758 in Grasse, Sozio is one of the leading pioneers of the French fine perfumery. Historically well-known for its natural raw materials, Sozio has become a key fragrance manufacturer in today’s market. After 10 years of focusing and specializing in the natural fragrance landscape, and with more than 260 years’ experience, Sozio goes now one step further by building a bridge between past and present to reconnect with its roots: the perfumery raw materials.


Sozio wants to face the challenging time we are going through by ensuring the sourcing of its natural raw materials.
Sozio is reaching to two main objectives:
– Reinforcing its expertise in fragrance formulation, especially on the natural field, with an ethical, straight from the producer, natural raw material sourcing
– Offering a collection of 100% pure and natural extracts like essential oils and absolutes to its clients; providing clear traceability and premium quality thanks to Sozio’s experience as perfumer-creator.