Reports suggest that the majority of global consumers would definitely change their consumption habits to reduce impact on the environment. Most of them also want to make a difference by purchasing environmentally-friendly products.

Therefore, in addition to its CLEAN fragrances collection, Sozio wanted to reinforce its dedication to sustainability by developing a new tool assessing the biodegradability of its fragrances.


What is the definition of biodegradability for a single substance ?

Biodegradability is the process by which carbon based substances are broken down by living organisms, ultimately to inorganic end products (like e.g. water or carbon dioxide) and biomass. It can proceed in the presence (aerobic biodegradability) or absence (anaerobic biodegradability) of oxygen. Biodegradability tests are made by laboratories according to internationally accepted OECD, ISO and OPPTS guidelines.

The criteria for biodegradability that are accepted by some of the eco-label groups and for other types of biodegradable substances (e.g. detergents in the EU) are the ones passing the criteria for “ready” or “inherent biodegradability” (i.e. 60-70% biodegradability in the OECD 301 series, OECD 310 or OECD 302 series).


How to determine biodegradability of fragrance mixtures ?

This is important to note that standard biodegradability tests have been developed for single substances. Biodegradability testing of mixtures is very difficult from a technical perspective. Indeed, different water solubilities and vapor pressures may provide false results.

According to the IFRA Guidance to « Green » Fragrance terminology, the testing of fragrance mixtures for biodegradability should not be an option because they are not reliable. Instead, the biodegradability of a fragrance mixture may be assessed based on data on the individual ingredients and by summing the percentages (by weight) of ingredients which are biodegradable according to, but not limited to, appropriate OECD tests.


The method described in the IFRA guidance to « Green » Fragrance terminology, is the method used by Sozio in order to develop its biodegradability tool. If you want further information about this new tool, please reach out to us via email: or through your designated Sales Representative.


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