Sozio, a French family-owned company specialized in the creation and production of fragrances compositions, continue its growth by announcing its acquisition of Synarome.

Through a vertical integration from the ingredients to the fragrance creation and manufacturing, Sozio will strengthen its position in the field of organic synthesis, perfumery specialties  and distillation for the fragrance industry.
Frédéric Braud, General Manager of Sozio, said that : « Besides the iconic ingredients which have made the reputation of Synarome such as Ambrarome or Animalis, Synarome produces more than 200 aromachemicals and specialties for the global F&F industry. Sozio ambition is to come-back to its historical roots, the creation and manufacturing of natural perfumery ingredients which have been at the heart of the company for more than 200 years ».

Achille Riviello, General Manager of Synarome, added : « Due to our growth , we felt we need the support of a larger enterprise, able to increase our investments in our R&D center and production facility and sharing the same vision on the future of perfumery ».
As a result of its latest investments in the UK with the acquisition of Phoenix fragrances, in Asia with the creation of its new factory in Jakarta during the first quarter 2021, a new factory planned in China in 2022 and in Middle East with the building of a laboratory this summer in Dubai, Sozio is emerging as a key global player.

Yet still responsive, on a human scale, offering an alternative to the « heavyweights » of the fragrance industry.