In today’s world, regulations impact our daily work, Sozio’s Research & Innovations department is developing alternatives for tomorrow’s constraints.

Forward thinking to the future, the ban on microplastics will impact synthetic microcapsules. Sozio has been working on a new natural encapsulation technology, COSMOCAPS.

COSMOSCAPS are microcapsules which combines perfume within a vegetable matrix made of natural waxes to create the perfect encapsulation.

This innovation is 100% natural and COSMOS certified. Thanks to the vegetable base, COSMOCAPS have a double action – they ensure a controlled release of the fragrance on the skin throughout the day and bring emollient properties to the formulas.

The benefits of these COSMOCAPS are multiple:

  • A progressive and continuous diffusion of the fragrance on the skin

  • An increased olfactory performance

  • A long lasting and ultra-efficient

  • An added cosmetic benefit thanks to its natural capsules which are real emollient active ingredients

The plant matrix nourishes and restructures the skin.

COSMOCAPS are adapted to all cosmetic bases, rinse or leave-on and of course to natural bases since they are COSMOS certified.