Frédéric Braud, General Manager, gives us his very positive outcome of 2021.

We are very pleased with our 2021 achievements with an organic growth of +12 % and +42% with our latest acquisitions leading to 70 ms euros sales worldwide.

All geographical areas have encountered a substantial growth, the US market of course with a recovery of the Personal Care market and the still growing candle segment , the Middle East division with our new Creation laboratory in Dubai and the Asian market where our factories in Hong Kong and Indonesia are extremely busy.

In Europe the trends on the Naturals and Clean Perfumery have been a real advantage to Sozio well implemented in this area with a continuous growth, especially in France and Italy with our Clean Program and the launch of our Botanicals range.

We are very satisfied with our latest acquisitions, Phoenix fragrances UK which allows us to penetrate the UK market and Synarome which opens the segment of the specialties and raw materials for the fragrance industry.

I would like to thank deeply all Sozio employees who have done an incredible job for these last two year as well as our customers and partners for their continuous trust.

We are starting this new year 2022 with a great confidence due to our ambitious programs of technical innovations, digitalization and social responsibility.

Happy new year to all !