After the launch of its CLEAN FRAGRANCE label, Sozio goes further with its COMMITTED BEAUTY initiative, leveraging its expertise and commitment to accompany consumers and brands towards sustainable and responsible beauty.

Our COMMITTED BEAUTY concept is a personalized approach which adapts to the needs of consumers and brands in accompanying them on their journey to the new essential criteria of tomorrow’s beauty.


Committed beauty


With COMMITTED BEAUTY, Sozio commits to responsible beauty by providing fragrances that combine the maximum number of commitments:

  • NATURAL: With almost twenty years of expertise in natural fragrances, Sozio’s perfumers are recognized for their artistic sensitivity and technical knowledge in the formulation of 100% natural, COSMOS approved fragrances.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Sozio is committed to providing fragrances that contain 100% biodegradable ingredients in which the biodegradability is being studied in 3 environments: soil, sediments and water.
  • ORGANIC: Sozio provides 100% COSMOS organic approved fragrances, composed of ingredients produced according to the rules of organic farming.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Aware that the environment is a resource that must be preserved, Sozio has developed demanding environmental standard.
  • HEALTH FRIENDLY: Sozio is committed to creating formulas without CMR substances and allergens in respect to skin sensitivity and human health.
  • ANIMAL FRIENDLY: Sozio does not conduct any testing on animals and does not formulate with animal raw materials.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Sozio is committed to formulating fragrances with Botanicals raw materials that are high quality natural ingredients, sustainably and ethically sourced by a direct to producer approach.

Through a customized diagnostic, Sozio will define and understand brand goals and consumer needs to offer the most relevant fragrances that are committed to sustainable and responsible beauty.