Published on 16 March 2023

“During the last 5 years, Sozio has grown exponentially with double-digits increases every year and the company has seen its turnover triple. This growth can be explained by two factors, internal and external, through the acquisition of 2 new fragrance companies Scentessence in France and Phoenix Fragrances in the UK and the opening of 6 new Sales offices or Laboratories abroad which allow our development teams to be closer to our customers. Indeed, we completed our existing network os sales offices in Canada, Israel, Germany and Philippines with the opening of offices in Dubai, Poland, Spain, Algeria, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

We have considerably increased our production capacities in our 7 factories worldwide (Piscataway, New Jersey-USA, Noyant- France, Wellinborough-UK, Chartres-France , Hong- Kong, Jakarta-Indonesia and very soon the opening of a new factory  in China) to better serve our customers and reduce our leadtimes.

The company has also diversified its activity, especially in the ingredients sector with the acquisition of Synarome , a leading producer of specialties for the fragrance industry.


These years have also witnessed the growth of natural perfumery and thus Sozio’s role within this sector. Today, more than 10% of Sozio’s turnover comes from its expertise in natural formulation due to our large palette of natural / Cosmos certified ingredients and the savoir-faire of our 25 perfumers worldwide , also specialized in Fine fragrances, Personal Care, Home fragrances and Household products.


With targeted sales of 100 ms€ in 2023, Sozio is still driven by the « artisan mind » of the founders 265 years ago, and now the savoir-faire of our creative teams, the proximity to our clients and the agility of our logistical centers worldwide.

I would like to deeply thank our 3,000 long time existing or new clients, but moreover our 350 employees who are giving all their energy and enthusiasm to offer the best creativity and the best service as possible and sustain Sozio’s growth.

2023 will be again a new year full of passionate events with various developments and challenges that we will share in the next coming months !”


Frederic Braud, Sozio General Manager