Botanicals by Sozio

Botanicals by Sozio

Discover Botanicals, Sozio’s new division dedicated to natural ingredients.

With this new division, Sozio is building a bridge between the past and present to reconnect with its initial area of expertise: natural raw ingredients.

In order to respond to future and current challenges, Sozio has a double objective:

• To extend its expertise in perfume composition, especially natural perfumes, through direct and controlled responsible sourcing of natural raw ingredients from partners & producers at source.

• To offer its customers 100% pure and natural extracts, essential oils and absolutes, whilst providing a superior quality service thanks to the experience of the Sozio perfumers, clear traceability characterised by controlled production chains and a more direct relationship with its primary stakeholders.

With Botanicals, Sozio is making a commitment to its customers in terms of the naturalness, quality and traceability of its natural raw ingredients. Each pledge is an essential cornerstone in the responsible sourcing and sustainable procurement.




Our essential oils and absolutes are 100% pure and natural.

Extracted using a named physical process.

From botanically and biochemically defined varieties..

From a specific part of the plant specified in the previous point.

From a named geographic source, country or region.

Have not been subjected to any deliberate chemical modification or alteration of its form defined by the previous terms.




We control our products in relation to internal and industry standards (ISO) for colour, appearance, chemical composition and the physical profile (density, refractive index, optical rotation, flash point).

We control our products for compliancy with internal and international standards regarding the organoleptic character that defines them.

Our products are stored in accordance with current relevant legislation in dedicated spaces that prevent any cross contamination, under regulated conditions preventing premature deterioration.




Our essential oils and absolutes come from companies located in the countries in which the raw materials from which they are made are produced, without any intermediary.

Our essential oils and absolutes are extracted from plant materials that have been cultivated and/or harvested in a reasonable manner that guarantees the resilience of the ecosystem they form part of.

Our collaboration with the companies in question is entered into freely and fairly, with the sharing of the values in our ethical charter playing a central role in our agreement.

To obtain the detail of our natural raw material offer, or for any further information requested, don’t hesitate to contact Sozio’s sales teams via the email address: