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Historical player in perfumery

Sozio guarantees quick and efficient responsiveness for all its customers with its 4 production plants located across the globe: Noyant (France), New Jersey (US), Hong Kong (China) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

As a market pioneer, Sozio has positioned itself as a historical player in the perfumery industry while maintaining its flexibility and customer service to meet the current challenges of the perfumery world.

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We work on a wide variety of products classified in 6 categories. In recent years, our expertise in all things natural has enabled us to meet the growing demand of our customers for natural and clean products.
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Certified factories

Sozio is ISO 9001 certified. This certification rewards the quality of our management system and helps us to be more efficient and to further improve customer satisfaction.
The French factory is authorized to produce organic perfumes certified in accordance with ECOCERT and COSMOS standards. The US factory is accredited to produce NOP-USDA certified organic fragrances.
The Hong-Kong and Jakarta factories have achieved status A accreditation, allowing us to produce Halal certified fragrances.

Production capacity to meet all needs

We have an annual production capacity of 7000 tons, offering quantities from 1kg to 20 tons per batch, delivered within a short timeframe.
The total production is 30,000 batches per year, for which we ensure complete traceability thanks to our modern robotic equipment.

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