Sozio is a family business with over 260 years of existence. Its « artisan-perfumer » know-how, its expertise in natural perfumery and its international presence have made Sozio a key player in the perfume composition market. SOZIO is offering a career opportunity ‘SALES MANAGER” to join its team in Dubai affiliate.


Roles & Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the R&D Director, the Senior Perfumer will:

  • Develop formulas such as twists, types, simulations, variations, creations and duplications in cooperation with Evaluation.
  • Be able to create fragrance formulations for all fragrance categories. Particular expertise is needed for I&I, detergence and difficult bases.
  • Develop raw material replacements as needed.
  • Revise fragrance formulas for improved performance in specific applications.
  • Determine when tests for stability need to be done, working in conjunction with the Applications Lab to achieve this purpose.
  • Participate in evaluation panels to determine the trends in the market and in panel tests as required.
  • Work closely with sourcing, manufacturing and Quality Control to procure and produce ideal products.
  • Collaborate with R&D and executives on new innovations.
  • Support sales when needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Perfumery, Chemistry or related field.

Professional Experience

  • 8 + years working in perfumery creation

Skills & Competencies

  • Strong olfactory ability and experience.
  • Extensive knowledge with current regulatory affairs
  • Substantial knowledge of all sectors of perfumery and current markets
  • Familiar with fragrances and raw material analysis  (GC and GCMS)
  • Organizational skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Able to work independently yet be part of a team.

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