Global expertise in Natural & Clean Fragrances

A team of experienced perfumers

Sozio perfumers, with a solid experience of over 10 years in natural perfumes, are particularly recognized for their artistic know-how and their technical knowledge concerning the perfuming of certified personal care and household products. Today, they are able to create innovative and sophisticated fragrances that are 100% natural or organic.


A regulation department concentrated on Natural Progress

Thanks to its membership in various Professional associations (IFRA, RIFM, PRODAROM, HCPA…) and trainings provided by recognized Certification Bodies (as ECOCERT), Sozios’ regulatory team is fully aware and involved in the complex regulatory landscape that impact natural and organic ingredients, as CITES regulation (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora), and International treaties and protocols on using plant resources within the scope of the Convention on Biodiversity.

The regulatory team is also constantly validating a large collection of approved ingredients (natural and/or organic) in order to allow the perfumers to develop the most creative ECOCERT/COSMOS compliant fragrances.


ISO 9001 certification & 3 production facilities specialized in producing certified fragrances

Sozio is certified ISO 9001. This certification recognizes its quality management system and helps us to be more efficient and improve our customer satisfaction.

Our French factory is approved to manufacture organic certified fragrances according to ECOCERT and COSMOS standards.

Our US factory is also organic NOP-USDA certified.

Since 2019, our Hong Kong factory also obtained, the accreditation of “A” status, which means that we are able to produce Halal certified fragrances.









CSR approach & Fairtrade

We are proud to hold values such as ethical behaviour and respect of international standards for our employees as well as our suppliers. Our commitment and contribution to sustainable development is something we value and try to always stay true to.

As proof of our efforts, Sozio holds a Silver Ecovadis certification. Finally we developed voluntary partnership with primary schools to propose olfactive trainings with children.



At Sozio, our Purchasing guidelines have been implemented in order to secure our supply chain worldwide to the benefits of our customers. Quality, price, reliability and sustainability are the main criteria upon which we base our purchasing decisions.

We also source organic and sustainable raw materials from around the world with several NGO’s.


Clean Fragrance Label

Sozio is always improving its green and sustainable approach. On top of providing natural and organic fragrances, Sozio is now offering « CLEAN » fragrances based on a restrictive guideline. We are jumping ahead and have developed our own CLEAN FRAGRANCE label. We are ensuring that our CLEAN FRAGRANCES are made without specific human or environmental health risks of concern. More than 1000 ingredients have been black-listed from our CLEAN FRAGRANCE label. Moreover, for this new label, we developed a fundamental transparency policy by sharing with our clients the list of all the raw materials included in our CLEAN FRAGRANCE formulas.