PHOENIX FRAGRANCES LTD, Based In Wellingborough, United Kingdom, Has Joined SOZIO To Reinforce Its Perfumery Activities


Sozio, a French family- owned company specialized in the creation and production of fragrances compositions, continues to pursue its growth by announcing its merger with Phoenix Fragrances.


Company reinforcement


Through the sharing of resources and a common focus on their markets, Sozio will strengthen its natural fragrance expertise and will reinforce its presence on the UK market.


Phoenix Fragrances Ltd.’s business is very complementary to Sozio and will reinforce Sozio’s position in the fragrance industry and allow Phoenix to boost its development efforts.


Frederic Braud, General Manager of Sozio, said that « Phoenix Fragrances integration fits in perfectly with our strategic plan and confirms our determination to accelerate our growth on the UK market.  We will also expand our activities in the natural perfumery market and reduce our costs through various synergies in purchasing and IT activities.  We will boost investment in Phoenix’s R&D laboratories and Production site to help the company to sustain its growth.

Meanwhile, due to the great awareness of Phoenix Fragrances in the UK market, we will keep the brand separate from Sozio.

We are delighted to welcome Phoenix employees into the Sozio family as we are convinced that their enthusiasm and professionalism will contribute to our common future success. »


Tony Dalimore and Alan Parry, owners of Phoenix Fragrances, added « Based on its continuous growth, we felt the need to seek the support of a larger enterprise.   It was clear from the very first meetings that there was a high degree of mutual empathy, understanding built around similar philosophies and a dedication to moving the respective business forward »


Tony and Alan will continue to lead the Management of Phoenix Fragrances, with input and assistance of the Management team from Proxis Group and Sozio, as well as the operational teams from France.


As a result of various investments in its laboratories and factories in France : Seillans (Var), Levallois and Noyant (Maine et Loire), Piscataway (New-Jersey -USA), Hong Kong, Indonesia and very soon Dubai, Sozio is now positioned as a key global player, yet still responsive on a human scale, offering an alternative to the « heavyweights » in the fragrance industry.


About Phoenix Fragrances Limited:

Strong management team and commited employees: A family company founded in 1987 by Tony Dallimore and Alan Parry, Phoenix has a motivated and experienced staff and an innovative and customer-focused mindset.  Phoenix boasts sales of around £8M in 2020 with a 15% increase over the previous year.

Strategic location : Phoenix operates from a central location in Wellingborough with excellent logistic connections and efficient premises in the UK.

Natural fragrances : Its expertise and credibility with fragrances based on natural ingredients provide Phoenix with an important competitive advantage.

Broad range of expertise : Phoenix develops and manufactures fragrances compositions for mostly personal care and home fragrance applications but has also expertise in fine and household application.

Agile and Creative : Phoenix’s entrepreneurial and creative approach has been instrumental in generating business with rapidly growing Indie brands as well as large retailers in the UK.

International expansion : While 85% of Phoenix sales are directly or indirectly generated in the UK, it is also expanding in several markets in Europe and overseas.


About Sozio

260 years of history : Since its start in Grasse (France) in 1758, Sozio under the umbrella of Proxis Development Group, continues its international growth and reinforces its position as a leader in the field of perfumed compositions, with sales of over Euro 50 M in 2020 with a 9% increase over the previous year.

A family owned company : Driven by craftmanship, independance and its entrepreneurial spirit, all of our employees share the same family values.

A Global   R&D presence : With 4 creative perfumery centers in Seillans (Var- France) in the region of Grasse specialised in Fine fragrances, Levallois- France specialised in conventional fragrances, Piscataway -NJ (USA), Hong Kong, Jakarta (Indonesia) and soon Dubai (UEA) and a team of very experienced perfumers, evaluators, innovation managers, laboratory assistants and regulatory managers. All of our R&D centers are working on the same creation software and all of our sites are equiped with olfactive booths, GCMS, compounding robots and state of the art lab equipment.

We also provide fragrances in multiple forms, such as microencapsulation, scented gels, RTU Reed Diffusers, etc…

A worldwide manufacturing presence : We serve our clients from 4 factories located in Noyant (West of France), Piscataway (New Jersey-USA), Hong Kong and Jakarta (Indonesia) with semi-automatized production tools to be closer to our customers.

A large international sales presence : We support our customers with 10 representative offices in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Israel, Dubai, Canada, USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia and selected dedicated agents and distributors in the countries where we don’t have a direct presence.

A strong Marketing and Communication team : Sozio offers regular development of market studies and creative concepts as well as our presence in the main Trade shows around the world (In-Cosmetics Europe and Asia, Beautyworld in Dubai, SCC, ISSA and NCA in the USA) and internal perfumery seminars to our customers.

A Global Expertise in Natural and Clean fragrances : As our perfumers have a long experience of using a natural perfumery pallette with the enrichment of natural isolates as well as the safest raw ingredients to answer the development of the « Clean Beauty » through our CLEAN FRAGRANCES.

We also very recently launched our range of pure and natural essential oils « Botanicals by Sozio », sourced directly from local producers, that we are bringing now to our customers.

Corporate Social Responsability : Sozio offers an ambitious program, including an ethical way of conducting business, a social code of conducts with all of our employees worldwide and a strong commitment to our Environnement responsability.

Multiple international certifications :  All of our main facilities are ISO 9001 and Ecovadis certified, our facilities in France and USA are also Organic certified (through Ecocert or NOP-USDA), and our facilities in Hong Kong and Indonesia  are also Halal certified.

Sozio creates Botanicals


Sozio creates Botanicals, its own division dedicated to natural ingredients.


Founded in 1758 in Grasse, Sozio is one of the leading pioneers of the French fine perfumery. Historically well-known for its natural raw materials, Sozio has become a key fragrance manufacturer in today’s market. After 10 years of focusing and specializing in the natural fragrance landscape, and with more than 260 years’ experience, Sozio goes now one step further by building a bridge between past and present to reconnect with its roots: the perfumery raw materials.


Sozio wants to face the challenging time we are going through by ensuring the sourcing of its natural raw materials.
Sozio is reaching to two main objectives:
– Reinforcing its expertise in fragrance formulation, especially on the natural field, with an ethical, straight from the producer, natural raw material sourcing
– Offering a collection of 100% pure and natural extracts like essential oils and absolutes to its clients; providing clear traceability and premium quality thanks to Sozio’s experience as perfumer-creator.

Sozio acquires the company Scentessence

Sozio, the French Fragrance house, has strengthened its presence in France with the acquisition of Scentessence.


Great service and common values:

Scentessence, was founded in Brittany in 2003 and joined the Sozio family at the beginning of 2021.

Scentessence is a fragrance manufacturer with strong business in the institutional and industrial market, especially in cleaning products.  They also have expertise in natural fragrances. They have a strong reputation due to their product quality, the efficiency of their creative process as well as their responsiveness on regulatory affairs.

Sozio and Scentessence are committed to listening to needs of their customers and focused on building strong and transparent partnerships.


Sozio, a worldwide family owned company :

Sozio is a family owned company with more than 260 years of history. Sozio has become a leader in the fragrance industry due to it’s handcrafted, Savoir-Faire perfumery, expertise on natural fragrances and a truly global presence.

“The acquisition of Scentessence is going to strengthen our presence in France in the cleaning market and enhance our natural fragrance expertise, which has been a focus for Sozio for several years. Moreover, we are sharing common key values, putting our customers in the center of our attention” said Frederic Braud, General Manager at Sozio

Scentessence production facilities in Saint-Pol de Léon (29250 – France) will be relocated to Sozio’s plant in Noyant (49490 – France) at the end of the first quarter 2021.

As Sozio production center is located in West of France, we do not expect any delays for any of Scentessence customers.

Jean Panis, director and owner of Scentessence, has joined Sozio sales team and will stay on site in Saint-Pol de Léon.  He will continue to take care of Scentessence customers as well as other Sozio customers.